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We let our clients speak for us. With great pride.

We’ll go above and beyond to help create a better future for you and your family. We foster long-term partnerships with our clients, while striving to inspire, motivate and enable our clients to achieve their goals. We love to hear feedback – and these are just a few examples.

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The team have surpassed all expectations I had, and they opened up opportunities that I never thought possible. My only regret is not finding this team earlier and engaging in their exceptional services and specialist knowledge sooner. I can now concentrate on seeing my patients and working as a GP, knowing that the team at Affluens360 are taking care of business, which is what they do best.

Dr Toby Nasr


I was looking to have my financial matters handled by a collaborative all-in-one team for comprehensive support and expertise including refinancing my existing mortgage. Affluens360 is professional and friendly, and responsive to any mortgage related matters. They have been able to do research well in finding the right fit and tailor my home loan to my specific needs. I highly recommend Affluens360 as I am confident that would be excellent in helping you.

Mpho Banda


We are extremely pleased with the service provided with helping us secure our first family home. They were always professional and consistently offered friendly and helpful advice and guidance throughout the house searching process. Affluens360 always respected our decisions, and this allowed for a collaborative partnership, which we found to be an important aspect of having a buyer's agent. We strongly recommend Affluens360 for anyone who is looking at buying property.



Thank you for being a skilled advocate and advisor. Your input is going to help change my family’s life for the better.

Dr Matt Doane


My overall financial wellbeing has changed enormously since engaging with Affluens, and I thank them for it. Financial planning made easy!

Dr Laura Brown


Excellent communication, professional attitude and prompt reply to our inquiries.

Thanks for your great help!

Amira Aggour


Affluens360 helped us to arrange our home loan. He was always available to clarify every loan related queries. They are ethical, experienced and approachable ensuring their clients receive best outcome.



Affluens360 is extremely helpful, understanding and professional. I have not had a bad encounter nor a disagreement with Ryan. He's been constantly helping me with my mortgage since I bought my current property and I will continue to use his skills and services for the remainder of my mortgage needs.

Dr Sanam Rajput


Our advisor has always had our best interests in mind. Together with his guidance and keenness to service our needs, we have been successful in growing our wealth and we are looking forward to continuing this success into the future.

Stewart & Lillian White


Affluens360 has been our Tax accountant since the last two years and I only wish I had their support and guidance sooner! They are highly professional, responsive to communication and diligent in their work.

Dr Bhavana


I had a great experience with Affluens360. They helped me and my husband with our Age Pension assistance when Centrelink rejected my husband's eligibility. They performed great research and went above and beyond whilst educating us on our entitlements and we successfully received our ongoing benefits. Thank you so much to the team for all your help! I highly recommend the Affluens360 team.


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Abraham, Mohan and the team at Affluens have served me well over several years, and I worry where my finances would have been without them! Their approachable and friendly attitude, and immense wealth of knowledge in the industry, specifically around doctors, has proved extremely beneficial. It has also been convenient having all aspects from accounting and wealth management, to property and mortgage brokers managed under one roof and talking to each other. Mohan has always been available and provided extremely useful insights when I have any tax queries, and continues to do a tremendous job with my returns, and Abraham has coordinated the whole team while also being personally available on a regular basis. I can rest easy knowing my money is being managed well with Affluens and I feel it is well worth it!

Dr Theepan Kathir

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