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Wealth Management

We help you build a brighter future for your family

Many young professionals work hard to build their savings and buy a house, all while assembling some superannuation for retirement.

But what’s the next step?

Having a strategic approach to building wealth holistically can make a huge difference to you and your family.

Our wealth management team can be your guiding light, putting the right structures in place.

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Create a clear structure to strategically grow your wealth

It can be confusing when deciding between investment options. Do you want to increase tax effectiveness, prepare for retirement, or even ensure your hard-earned assets are protected for the future?

Take advantage of expert wealth management to ensure your:

  • Wealth flourishes, with a comprehensive strategy for building and optimising your assets
  • Future financial freedom, by leveraging the best options for investment, superannuation and insurance
  • Portfolio is dynamic, yielding comfortable retirement funds and remaining secured for future generations

No matter where you are in life, there really is no better time to design your future finances. We can help identify your goals and put in place a comprehensive strategy to achieve them.

Be confident, knowing you have a team of experts on your side.

In today’s complex world, knowing where, how much and why to invest is a specialist skill.

Our experts will coach you through the best approach, to:

  • Understand your short, medium and long term needs
  • Optimise your liabilities and levels of risk
  • Diversify your portfolio to provide a bespoke investment model
  • Leverage tactics for gearing, equity, tiered asset structures and tax minimisation
  • Ensure a properly managed and maintained investment selection

Our investment strategists will work with you closely to review your current asset portfolio and assess your needs. The result? An investment plan that gives you confidence for the future.

Let’s supercharge your superannuation to maximise the benefit for your retirement.

Super, as well as self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF), can be used to minimise taxes and build your assets, and even purchase a residential or commercial property (such as your business premises, for example).

Your superannuation is a powerful component of your overall wealth, which ensures you can:

  • Build sufficient funds for your retirement
  • Minimise tax throughout your life
  • Harness savings to help purchase your first home
  • Make smart choices for investing your super

Take advantage of the right benefits at the right time, with our expert advice.

We can help you balance these competing priorities to ensure you’re taking advantage of the right benefits at the right time.

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Many people worry about retiring. Failing to plan for the transition with sufficient time or wanting to retire earlier than expected can complicate life further.

As you approach retirement age, it’s comforting to know you have a robust plan in place to provide sufficient funds for living that also maintains the longevity of your income.

Whatever your goals in life, your retirement plan should:

  • Help you build and maximise your wealth prior to retirement
  • Apply a sustainable approach to meet living expenses and income longevity
  • Leverage eligibility for the age pension, Commonwealth benefits, aged care and other services

Professionally managed and maintained funds can make all the difference to your retirement so that you can slow down, relax and enjoy your life.

What will happen to you and your family if incapacity arises? And how should your estate be managed?

A simple will can articulate your wishes, but can’t accommodate all the ‘what ifs’ of life. Our advice is tailored to safeguard your assets and protect them from future claims.

Get peace of mind with our thorough estate planning process to ensure your:

  • Children will be taken care of by the right guardian
  • Medical and financial decisions are in the right hands
  • Wealth continues to provide for your family and future generations
  • Estate can be administered smoothly, without lengthy probate processes

Developing your estate plans is easy, with our expert advice.

Being prepared for tough times is important. Insurance provides comfort and financial security, in the event of death, disability, injury or illness.

With the right cover in place, insurance can protect your income and lifestyle, as well as offset medical costs. But it can be confusing to secure a cost-effective solution. Particularly if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

We can walk you through the options, to ensure you:

  • Understand the risks and liabilities of your individual situation
  • Have the correct types of insurance in place, with the right level of cover
  • Maximise the payout available, should the need arise
  • Receive income and lump sum payments when needed

Rest assured that you and your family will be safe ‘just in case’ something happens.

A passion and knowledge for creating wealth

Abraham and his team offer ongoing strategic support and advice and has been our sounding board for our financial decisions since 2017. Abraham’s passion and knowledge around creating wealth, investments and tax savings have been second to none. He has always gone the extra mile to help us achieve our goals!

Toby Nasr

Introducing our Wealth Management team

Abraham-Aguilan: Tax and business advisory services, Wealth Management advice
CEO & Managing Director

Abraham Aguilan

Abraham has always been passionate about helping others. He has dedicated his career to the finance sector, working for powerhouse institutions like AMP, Colonial First State, Comminsure and FuturePlus Financial Services, before transitioning to be a financial advisor in 2010.

He loves helping people (and their businesses) to strategically build their wealth and pursue the life of their dreams. Seeing others succeed brings him immense joy.

Abraham started with Infusion360 in 2015 and has helped transform the once-humble family business into Affluens360. Since moving into the role of Managing Director and CEO in 2022, Abraham has made it his mission to help Affluens clients secure their futures by empowering them to make smart financial and investment decisions, based on best-practice, integrated advice.

He's dedicated to excellent customer service and champions the professional development of the team. He’s also a loving dad and doting husband, who enjoys travelling and spending time with family.

Affluens360 would not be what it is today without his leadership, vision and drive.

Wealth management advice with Jamil Youssef
Senior Financial Adviser

Jamil Youssef

Wealth management advice with Dhiraj Karmacharya
Senior Financial Advisor

Dhiraj Karmacharya

Dhiraj enjoys helping clients improve their financial wellbeing. He’s worked in the financial services industry since 2006, across several client and advice-based roles in Australia and the USA, and has been a dedicated financial planner since 2018.

Dhiraj has recently returned to Affluens360, after spending 4 years at Bridges Financial Services. We’re pleased to have him back, as he is a keen listener, humble and proactive advisor, adored by his clients.

He’s highly qualified, having completed an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). He’s also a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Away from work, Dhiraj enjoys spending time with his family and friends, travelling and trying different types of cuisines.

Financial Adviser

Aaron Phuong

Aaron is a passionate wealth management professional dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams. Since 2016, Aaron has been navigating the financial landscape, starting with accounting and tax. In 2019, he transitioned to financial advice, later earning a Master of Financial Planning from the University of New South Wales.

With almost eight years of experience in accounting, tax, and financial planning at a boutique finance firm, Aaron brings a holistic approach to his work. In early 2024, he joined Affluens360, driven by his commitment to client success.

Aaron's goal is simple: to help clients succeed. With his expertise and dedication, he's ready to guide you toward financial fulfillment.

Affluens Joanee Caser
Account Executive

Joanee Caser


Karla Ranay

Client Services Manager

Minh Vu

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