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Affluens will be sponsoring the Women in Medicine event next week.

The Women in Medicine event is for women in different specialities and varying stages of their degree from first year psychiatry registrar to the head of rheumatology to include a few.

The event aims to encourage and provide support to all females from identifying what they (each individual) would like to pursue career wise to maintaining a work-life balance to how to navigate different departments.

We are excited that one of our leadership team member’s Melissa Church will also be a speaker. Having been nominated as a Finalist in the Women in Finance Awards in 2021 for Innovator of the year, we are excited to discuss how we help support women in achieving financial success.


Date: 17 May 2023
Where: Royal Northshore Hospital
Time: 5.30pm
Speaker: Melissa Church, Director of Operations & Technology

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Women in Medicine Night Event